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The Peridot Foundation

was founded on the beautiful island of St. Maarten.  Among the pristine white beaches with glistening waters, and green lush hills, the demon of domestic violence has stained the island with its talons.  Several Non Profit organizations have been formed to ensure that there is always a voice for the voiceless and always a place for the displaced.  

Seeing the need to support these groups both morally and financially a group of people got together and decided to take initiative to ensure that these organization will continue to make their message known. On March 23rd 1999 the Peridot foundation was formed by Gracita Arrindell together with fellow board members Ingrid Bosnie, Judith Boekhout- Berry, Perla Bruney and Irania Arrindell.  This team got together, and with the input of the community the symbol that is so gracefully displayed on each page was formed.  

A Memorial

In order to capture the public out cry against domestic violence in particular and against violence in general, the idea came about to erect a memorial, in this case a statue, which would hopefully serve to remind us that this form of aggression or any other act of violence for that matter, is unacceptable in our society. Figures from Safe Haven (our local shelter for people involved in domestic disputes), and the police organization respectively provide the cold and hard facts that the Island is heading into the wrong direction as a community.

The statue has and will continue to serve the people of Saint Martin, North and South regardless of race, religion or gender. The female figure with one hand outstretched, while the other is protective of a child who is usually a witness to the aggression, captures in our view, the essence of the problem we are faced with today.

We would like to put a statue in every country, every city, every village and every community in one form or another, until the evilness of domestic violence is eradicated in the world.

This symbol, which carries the theme,Guarding Love Ones You Might Loose   carries not only a strong message, but an even stronger image once seen.  It solidifies the pro active measures that the women's organizations have taken.  It also symbolizes the stance that many people have taken much to their detriment. 

This site is not only meant to sell, but also to inform, support and initiate discussion on the matter.  One might say that it is a topic that has had a lot of exposure, but until the issue of violence has stopped not only in St. Maarten but across the world enough can never be said on the subject.

Our hope, once you have left this site, is that you will be another advocate of peace.  You will by your actions share with others the hope that has eluded so many men, women and children due to their different circumstances.  We all want peace in the world, we all want to ensure that our loved ones are guarded and we all want to assurance that one day we will live in a world where violence will be something that we read about in the history books.  The good news is that it can happen… The reality is that it must start with you.